Environmental Policy

Plants and forests do not merely provide us with a number of goods and services essential to our survival, such as food (meat or vegetable), wood, medicines and other products. Plants and forests also play a major role in climate regulation, maintenance of water sources and courses, and soil conservation.

That’s why regional plantations, jungles and forests are perhaps humanity’s most important natural heritage, but also the most endangered and misused.

Native forests and plantations are being transformed without any sustainable criteria for self-regulation at an unprecedented rate. Without action based on common sense and the notion of common good, very soon we will irredeemably lose large, irreplaceable areas of our natural heritage.

We maintain that resources should be used in an orderly, sustainable way, with the participation of regional communities. We advocate and work steadfastly to protect representative samples of each ecosystem, use natural resources responsibly and restore destroyed and degraded forests and jungles in an effort to correct the ways in which land use is affecting the last of the great natural reserves.